Anyone receiving a bomb or other threat by telephone should do the following:

还记得... 保持冷静.  帮助他人保持冷静.  When you are reporting an emergency situation give concise, accurate answers to the 911 operator. Do not hang up until told to do so.

校园警察的电话号码是 864-488-8344校园外. 8344.

A.  The primary goal of the bomb threat procedure is to minimize injury to people, 对设施的损坏, and avoid disrupting normal schedules.  The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures for handling bomb threats and actual bomb emergencies.  All bomb threats should be taken seriously and any employee receiving a telephone bomb threat should attempt to remember all details of the conversation. Employees should never take safety for granted.

B.  If you observe a suspicious object or potential bomb on campus DO NOT HANDLE THE OBJECT! Clear the area and immediately notify Campus Police or the on-site officer.

C.  如果你收到炸弹威胁:

  • Obtain as much information about the call and the caller as possible. If your building is the OBJECT OF THE THREAT, alert all persons in the threatened area to evacuate the building. Employees are requested to make a cursory inspection of their area for suspicious objects and report the location to on-site police officer upon their arrival. 不要触摸物体.
  • 疏散到安全的地方, notify the University Dispatcher of your location and phone number and await further instructions.

D.  If you are REPORTING A Bomb Threat:

  • Dial 911 ** If the threat is for your building, make the notification from a phone in a different building.
  • If you receive a call for a threat to another building/area, inform the University Dispatcher and the dispatcher will send a Campus Police Officer to handle the evacuation.
  • Make yourself available to responding authorities in the event they need additional information.
  • Use the Bomb Threat Report Form (whenever possible) to record as much information about the call as possible.

E. 不要做的事!

  • 不要惊慌!
  • 不要去找炸弹!
  • Do NOT give any information about the bomb threat to anyone except Law Enforcement Personnel.
  • Do NOT give any statement to the media. Press releases will be coordinated from the Director of 通信.

F.  Limestone Campus Police on the scene is the official in charge at the scene and all communications should go through him/her.